Fear and Bullets

"Fear is for the enemy... fear and bullets" -James O'Barr

“Fear is for the enemy… fear and bullets” – James O’Barr –


Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to make a visit and observe my version of humanity.

These are instances from your world, moulded by my eyes, perfected by light and its inevitable absence.

These are the parts in life that we don’t always stick around to fully absorb.

You’ve seen all of this before…






(and those uncategorized bits and pieces of daily strife)


Now is your chance to see your world through my critical eye.


Thank you for your continued support through all of my years!

My unfathomable gratitude is forever yours.

Leo Quijano II


post script…

The camera is only a tool.

Name brands matter not.

Process matters not.

The image is final.

People who don’t believe this are trying to discourage you from creating.

Don’t let them win.

Get some.


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