Ancient Glass Meets Digital Age

Kory Minx


The unique option of my particular sidearm of choice is its ability to pair older lenses with digital bodies without the need of a converter.

My Father’s Pentax K1000 is the first machine on which my teeth were cut.  Endless miles of film snaked its way through the K1000 before being dragged through the murky depths of  developer and dryers. Years of my life have been shaved to the wayside by the amount of chemicals to which I was exposed through means of inadequate ventilation in a shitty but cozy darkroom.

The K1000 is still the same iron workhorse that dragged me through the tireless streets of Manhattan.

It’s still the same warm friend that guided me around the pink-hearted swirl of a late Sunday afternoon in the Spanish Quarter of Paris.

The K1000 showed me how to bend the light into the darkness.

A harmonious imbalance twisting and changing before your eyes.

Now I give the light/darkness to you.


This weekend, Miss Kory Minx graced my lens with her presence and ever-natural beauty.

These are the musings of an experiment that allowed me to use my father’s thirty year-old lens with my K20D.  I’ll be posting more shots over short time.  Do enjoy  :D

Check ya later!


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