Three Ships: One Day

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to my latest blog post.
For my Darling Gabriela Ruiz’ ( birthday, we paid a visit to three glorious ships currently docked in the Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors.
The full gallery can be seen here :D
First, here’s a brief description on each ship.
The Battleship Iowa: The Battleship of Presidents which had conversions made for the partially-paralyzed Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (a plus-sized bathtub and his own elevator were installed for his stay aboard)
Iowa: Battleship of Presidents
The Scorpion B-427 Soviet Submarine: Docked next to the Queen Mary is this Foxtrot-Class Cold War-Era Sub that was built in Leningrad and operated in the Russian Pacific Fleet until it’s decommission in 1994.
Scorpion B-427
The RMS Queen Mary: Built in Scotland and sailing from Liverpool, The Queen Mary turned allied troopship and was renamed The Grey Ghost, ferrying soldiers for the length of World War II.
The Queen Mary

Hopefully these images inspire you to make your own adventures through these time machines and the legacy they’ve left for us.




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